January 2005. It appears that Power Spikes 2 was originally being called Super Volley '94. Video System had released the original Super Volleyball in 1989 as a jamma board and then Super Volley '91 (aka Power Spikes) in 1991. The arcade promo flyer for Super Volley '94 was also found a while back. In addition, Visco's Breakers fighting game apparently underwent TWO name changes! Originally called Tenrin no syo Chicago, and then changed to Crystal Legacy before finally being called Breakers. It is no surprise then that a sequel Breakers Revenge was made as it was most likely needed to make up for the years of extra time and money invested in the initial project.

An early beta version NGM-068


Crystal Legacy aka: Breakers NGM-130


Additional NEO-GEO BETA Title Screens
March 2012. I have been meaning to upload these beta title screens for several years now, but I just didn't have the time. They are rather interesting as they clearly show evidence of earlier rom builds of the games. Baseball Stars 2 was originally referred to in SNK documents as "Baseball Stars Professional II". King of the Monsters 2, which has the subtitle of "The Next Thing" was originally called The Next Thing, with the subtitle of King of the Monsters II" The same thing with regards to Sengoku 2. It was originally titled "Sengoku II". The first big "sequel" push by SNK came to us during this time with these three games, as well as the Japanese Quiz Detective 2 game. Someone in the marketing department must have been debating these last minute changes to the titles of these games.

An early beta version NGM-041
An early beta version NGM-039
An early beta version NGM-040
Robo Army Beta Title Screen NGM-032