Bounty Disclaimer

Cash for Carts!

I am very well-established and known by most in the NEO-GEO community. I am linked at the website. The burden of protocol and procedure for an individual who wishes to claim a bounty for their cartridge lies with them, not me. The bounty hunter must send their game first, and then payment is sent second. Continental USA claims can be handled in person because I am willing to fly out once possession is proven. Bounties will be backed & honored 100% by me but will ONLY be paid AFTER the cartridges are safely received and inspected carefully for authenticity by myself. Any leads are appreciated. I am also open to trade offers of my own protos in exchange for protos I have not yet acquired. Please, only contact me regarding bounty & trade requests if you are serious.

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Get CASH for your CARTRIDGE!

Cart is Shown! Case is Opened! Cash is Given!