(an early beta build of Power Spikes II)


Original Working Title(s): Super Volley '94 / Fighting Volley

Officially Released as: Power Spikes II

Software Developer: VIDEO SYSTEM

Release Date: October 1994

Video System released the original Super Volleyball in 1989 as a jamma board. The Sega Genesis and NEC Turbografx received ports of this game in 1990. The second title in the series, also on jamma, was called Super Volley '91 (aka Power Spikes) in 1991. And in 1993, the Super NES saw the release of Hyper V-Ball. This last game in the series may have been initially called "Fighting Volley", later changed to Super Volley '94, and then changed to Power Spikes II.

The FIRST RUN of MVS cartridges manufactured went out with the Super Volleyball '94 version of the game. Shortly afterwards, they changed the games rom data, specifically the P rom and the C roms, and did the next MVS run.

The known differences are the obvious title screen change and subsequent attract mode title logo of the game. In addition, it has a completely different introduction sequence opening. (video and BGM are altered) And finally the league selection screen has the men, women, and hyper choices in different order and with different icons.

January 1994 - the official arcade flyer is distributed by Video System.

February 1994 - Super Volley '94 is presented at the 1994 AOU show

April 1994 - Taito/Video System places an advertisement in GM Magazine.

April 1994 - Game Machine reports on SNK at the AOU show and provides a screenshot.

May 1994 - Gamest #113 reports on SNK at the AOU show in this article with screenshots.

May 1994 - Dengeki Oh Magazine publishes an article with screenshots

June 1994 - Video System continues to advertise Super Volley '94 month after month.

July 1994 - the NEOGEO Guide Book publishes an article with a screenshot

July 1994 - Dengeki Oh Magazine runs an AD by Video System

November 1994 - Gamest #130 finally reviews the game as Power Spikes II.

November 2001 - a Super Volley '94 MVS cartridge is found in California, USA.

January 2005 - Emulated shots are provided by (X)

May 2012 - a Super Volley '94 MVS cartridge is found in France, Europe.

December 2016 - The P rom file is shared courtesy of Rob from California. (still need M and S)

September 2022 - Emulated shots provided by (R).

October 2022 - Emulated videos provided by (R).