(a 1994 early beta build of the 1996 Breakers released game)


Original Working Title: Crystal Legacy

Officially Released as: Breakers

Software Developer: VISCO

Release Date: December 1996

The Breakers fighting game series (released in 1996 and 1998) began development as far back as 1994. Originally entitled Crystal Legacy, the game centered around fighters searching for the "Tenrin no syo" master scroll and 8 crystals. It was initially given an earlier NGH product number (NGM-072) which was revoked after the game underwent a 2 year makeover before releasing at position NGM-230. A sequel then followed at (NGM-245).

April 1994 - presented at the Japan 1994 AM show.

May 1994 - official arcade flyer produced by VISCO.

July 1994 - Gamest Magazine runs a full page article on Crystal Legacy.

July 1994 - A preview shown in the NEOGEO guide book

August 1994 - Visco places an advertisement in Game Machine Magazine.

September 1994 - Japan Amusement Monthly Vol.4 #1 has an article with a screenshot.

September 1994 - article with screenshots in DENGEKI OH Magazine

(?) 1994 - Consoles Plus Magazine runs a FRENCH article on Crystal Legacy.

(?) 1994 - Unknown Publication runs a KOREAN article on Crystal Legacy.

(?) 1994 - VISCO places an AD for Crystal Legacy in Gamest.

November 1994 - Electronic Gaming Monthly #68 has an article with screenshots.

December 1994 - Game Machine has a short article with a screenshot.

January 2005 - Emulated screenshots (X)

January 2005 - Emulated screenshots (R)

January 2005 - Emulated VIDEOS (R)