Hey Xacrow! You are running out of time!
I wanted to take the time to document & discuss a rather interesting phenomenon that is slowly but surely occurring. Back in January of 2005, an individual by the name of Xacrow came forward with emulated screen shot grabs of 8 "proto" neogeo games. At that time, and for many years following that, these games took center stage as they were considered to be the most valuable and most desirable games in the NEOGEO game library. One of a kind, unreleased prototypes which would surely fetch thousands of dollars if they were to hit the open market through an online auction or a private sale. However, despite numerous emails and requests, Xacrow appeared to not be interested in releasing the games. I warned him, and the community as a whole, that the passing of time would eventually yield the games for us anyhow, and that he might as well sell them while he could and while they were still valuable.

The prediction comes true.
During the course of the last several years, this is exactly what has happened. It is rather interesting to see that already HALF of Xacrow's treasure trove of titles has changed in status from PRICELESS to WORTHLESS. Whereas before they were unique one of a kind games that could generate thousands of dollars, they have now become shareware, freely and readily available on the internet, and are not worth a penny. Below I have placed the 8 games of wonder to show everyone the slow but sure deterioration that is happening to them. A final word of advice to Xacrow...TAKE ACTION PAL! DO SOMETHING! Sell the remaining games that you are holding onto and make some cash before they too eventually become worthless and then soon after your holdings will no longer have any meaning and your legacy will not receive any credit or recognition. In essence, 7 years later, and the world now has 4 of your 8 games. You received no money, and worse, you received no credit! A total loss. So what will become of the next 4? Why not come forward and work out a plan with us to arrange a controlled community release of those remaining titles? It is not too late, you can still receive your "fortune & glory". But hurry up! Because soon your games will be found elsewhere, and your name will be forgotten. Do as you will.

Ironclad Brikinger obtained November 2009

Bang Busters obtained December 2010

Warlocks of the Fates obtained March 2012

Super Volleyball '94 is underway now!

this early Breakers beta game will be next!

this Pinball simulation is about to be released!

this Saurus puzzle game is around the corner!

and last but not least, the holy grail!