The Warlocks of the FAKES by "ngf"
Well here we go with yet another article which exposes yet another false claim made by "ngf". I have often been asked about the rumors regarding ngf and the Warlocks of the Fates game. Several years ago, back in August of 2001 to be exact, "ngf" uploaded some pics to their wesite. Among the pics, were home cart boxes of Crossed Swords 2 and The Warlocks of the Fates. They were very well done and certainly appeared to be representative of what the games could have looked like had they been released. However, as always when it comes to these pirates, they were nothing but complete mock ups; fakes that they put together using photoshop computer programs. Since recently Warlocks has once again been in the spotlight because of the "confusing and controversial" N.C.I. twitter posts, I decided to share this information (the smoking gun proof) regarding how I knew their Warlocks box was fake. (Crossed Swords 2 was released for the NEOGEO CD system and so sourcing screen grabs for it was easy as pie)

So what about the screenshots on the back of the WARLOCKS box? They used 4 screenshots for the layout. Now, you have to ask yourself a very BASIC and EASY question. If you had a game; any game. And you were making a box for it. (say for example how fans put together shock boxes for mvs carts) You would have "the sky as the limit" for your choices of which screen grabs to place on the box. Reason being you have the game so you could take any pictures of the gameplay that you desired. In addition, you can get perfectly crisp emulated shots from a neogeo emulator, which is a MUST when making an insert to ensure the best quality! So bearing this in mind, why in hell would you limit yourself to using ONLY grainy screen shots that were published in magazines or articles? Nobody would do that! So, if we can find the original source for all 4 of those screenshots on the back of the box, then we can prove this. Well, that is exactly what I did.

The BOTTOM LINE is that this claim, just like EVERY OTHER CLAIM that "ngf" has EVER made in regards to having a neogeo proto game, is completely FALSE. As stated before in my articles here on Ironclad and FALSE CLAIMS, there is a MINIMUM standard or GUIDELINE that any and all "claims" must MEET or EXCEED before they can be confirmed. The protos which have surfaced over the last several years have all done so. And NONE of the protos that we have acquired over the years have EVER come from or had ANYTHING to do with "ngf". In the most basic terms: "ngf does NOT have ANY unreleased neogeo protos, and they NEVER DID either. PERIOD!

Above you can see the picture of the Warlocks box, as provided by NGF as their "proof" that they have the game

Below you can see the side by side comparissons of the shots on their box, and the original pics as I have sourced them