The NEO DEV CART is found!
In 1990, when SNK first started game software development for the NEO-GEO hardware, they were pretty much alone. Shin Nihon Kikaku (SNK) and Alpha Denshi Korporation (ADK) worked together to produce the first set of titles that were manufactured for the system. This relationship was pretty similar to the one that existed between Atari & Epyx when the Atari Lynx handheld system debuted in 1989. Alpha's first two titles, Magician Lord & Ninja Combat were actually distributed by SNK. Alpha worked in house with SNK themselves, and thus were given little recognition.

In 1991/92, later down the road after the NEO-GEO began to see moderate success, Alpha was allowed to develop titles under their own company name, and SNK was also able to bring in some additional third party support. Alpha, Pallas, Monolith, Sammy, Wave, & Visco were among the first third party "licencees". Without the need to assist these companies anymore, SNK was then able to concentrate on serious high meg game development. In order for the licencees to be able to program and test their software creations, SNK provided them with special development hardware. This is commonly done in the video game industry and is done so by most major console developers.

One such device was commonly refferred to as the "neo dev cart". In essence a Neo-Geo Developers Cartridge. This unique device was a specially built & modified circuit board which contained edge connectors for both the MVS and HOME systems. The cart was used for checking & testing the game on both of SNK's cartridge consoles. As new updates or changes were made to the games program code, new eproms could be burned and run on the device to continue progress forward.

In September 2004, I acquired this elusive neo dev cart. I immediately saw & understood the importance, significance, and extreme rare value of the special item. This device plays a critical role in solving the NGH/NGM game code puzzle. It will also become invaluable to the future of homebrew development for the NEO-GEO system. Lastly, the device may someday be found to be the only way to read, copy, and/or play some of the unreleased proto games.

See below for detailed pictures of the device. It can be plugged into the cartridge slot of either a HOME or MVS system as it is compatible and works with both units. The proto game contained on the cart itself is of course fully available for trade, but SOLEY in exchange for another proto game and ONLY by following the strict rules outlined in my bounty policies & procedures section.

Neo Dev Cart!