The Last Odyssey FALSE CLAIM by "ngf"
At the 2003 Classic Gaming Exposition in Las Vegas, "ngf" claimed that they would be releasing some neogeo prototype games for sale. When the show came, and they set up their booth (very late I might add), they ended up offering conversions of bang bead & bust a move again on home cart, a "joystick version" of irritating maze, and other such "trivialities", but of course, nothing of substance. Then, (and after the show was ending and/or over) they proceeded to take some pictures of a "mocked up scene" of one of the alleged protos having been at the show. Below are the four pictures that they provided as "proof" that they had the game at the show. Here are the facts in regards to these pictures:

1) In all of the pictures the poor quality of the video can clearly be seen on the television because of course the source of the video is that of a VHS video cassette player hidden from site in the pictures.

2) The score that is seen at the top of all four "pictures" is identical to the score seen at the exact same point in the vhs video of the game. (they are screen grabs or pauses of the video in play)

3) The positioning of the game controller in respect to the individuals seen "playing the game" in the pictures, is clearly intended to portray that the game is being PLAYED on the game system by the individual. Therefore, if you realy had the game and it was available to play at the show, why would you play a video instead? The only logical explanation would be because you don't have the game itself to play, but rather you only have the video.

The BOTTOM LINE is that this claim, just like EVERY OTHER CLAIM that "ngf" has EVER made in regards to having a neogeo proto game, is completely FALSE. As stated before in my articles here on Ironclad and FALSE CLAIMS, there is a MINIMUM standard or GUIDELINE that any and all "claims" must MEET or EXCEED before they can be confirmed. The protos which have surfaced over the last several years have all done so. And NONE of the protos that we have acquired over the years have EVER come from or had ANYTHING to do with "ngf". In the most basic terms: "ngf does NOT have ANY unreleased neogeo protos, and they NEVER DID either. PERIOD!