The NEO-GEO hardware was utilized for applications other then just games. In 1996, SNK decided to get in on the new re-birth of the picture machine craze. Photo booths were making a comeback and started seeing increased interest and improved revenues. The MVS hardware was used and modified to function with special cartridges. Literally dozens of Neo-Print cartridges were designed. Some of them with special themes such as Easter & Christmas for the holidays. It is not really known just how many of them were manufactured and released. Most of them were only for the Japanese market as the Neo-Print saw better success over there. The Neo-Print cartridges however DO NOT function (play) when used on regular MVS or HOME systems. They require a special MVS motherboard which does not even have a jamma edge connector. They do attempt to "boot up" with some faint signs of video movement, but then they simply shut down.

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