Master List Modifications: 11/30/2005
Nothing is Impossible
Completing the NGM game code list is just like solving a puzzle! Sometimes you have to re-shuffle the pieces in order to reach the goal.

What were doing here is far more important. Right now, this is our priority.

------------------INTRODUCTION: The conversation below from the show LOST pretty much explains how I feel.-------------------

So, not to be too difficult, but we've been coming here for two days just staring at this thing. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing?

Michaelangelo's father. He was a wealthy man, had no understanding of the divinity in his son so he beat him. No child of his was going to use his hands for a living. So, Michaelangelo learned not to use his hands. Years later a visiting prince came into Michaelangelo's studio and found the master staring at a single 18-foot block of marble. Then he knew the rumors were true, that Michaelangelo had come in every day for the past 4 months, stared at the marble, and gone home for his supper. So the prince asked the obvious; what are you doing? And Michaelangelo turned around and whispered "I'm working." Three years later that block of marble was the statue of David.

That's what we have to figure out. That's why we're sitting here. I mean how do you open a hatch that has no handle, no latch, no discernable way of opening it?


This applies to me and my passion for these protos. I am often asked..."Billy, you've been sitting in front of your computer for countless nights just staring at the master list. I'm not really sure what you're supposed to be doing?"

My answer..."I'm working."

That's what I have to figure out. That's why I'm sitting here. I mean how do you complete a puzzle that is missing pieces?

The more you think about something, the more ideas you come up with over time. I truly believe that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. The brain is a very powerful tool, perhaps the most powerful tool of all. All you need to do is use it. I will figure this thing out, if it kills me. I will never be able to put my mind at rest until the puzzle is completed. No limitation of any kind, be it a person or a law will get in my way. For me, the end will justify the means.

---------November 2005 The List had to be adjusted-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Speculation surrounding the as of yet undiscovered NEO-GEO MVS proto games has caused quite alot of controversy. Great efforts are put forth to ensure that all of the available pics and info of the protos are carefully analyzed and scrutinized. For example, games with more pics & info take precedence over those with less. However, not all of us see eye to eye on which games should receive proto status as well as where they should reside in the catalog. As of this writing, about 10 of the 16 unreleased protos are confirmed with virtual certainty. However, the remaining holes in the catalog do not coincide properly with the lesser proven games on hand. The biggest problem is that the list has 3 open slots but they are all in the circa 1990-1992 time era. The most widely accepted method for proto classification and placement is that of my own which clearly defines the parameters by which NEO-GEO software must adhere to.

Dance Rhyth Mix, Q.P. & Karate Ninja Show are the three titles which have the least tenure in the catalog. DRM was most likely a "utility" cartridge, and therefore without a sequential product number. Q.P. would have been a NEO-GEO CD title, and may not yet have been assigned a number before it was cancled. KNS has yet to have any color pics, nor a title screen. At the very least, the two recently "discovered" titles of Magic Master and Treasure of the Caribbean are both better proven and deservant of catalog status then any of the aforementioned three games.

I might be NGM-072The 1994 time era is pretty much full and has almost no flexibility. However, NGM-072, a circa 1994/1995 spot in the catalog which is currently assigned to Last Odyssey, could be incorrect. Going on the assumption that LOPF was Monolith's third and final title and that it was originally intended to be released several years earlier alongside their two other titles which both reside next to empty spots, NGM-072 would thus become "available" again and could be re-assigned. In 1994, Face Corporation was rather active in this area of the list with Gururin and Zupapa and so Face's Treasure of the Caribbean puzzle game would fit rather nicely right here.

I might be NGM-126 NGM-126, a circa 1996/1997 spot in the catalog, which is currently assigned to Pair Pair Wars, could be incorrect. Going on the assumption that PPW falls into position NGM-099, as supported by a circa 1996 product catalog, the surrounding spots would be re-shuffled, KNS and/or QP would be dropped, and thus location NGM-126 would be freed. 1997's Magic Master would then have a home.

I might be NGM-158Finally, NGM-158, a circa 2000 spot in the catalog which is the absolute youngest undiscovered position on the list. Going on the assumption that DRM was indeed a UTILITY Cartridge, this slot would thus become "available" again and could be re-assigned. The best theories support it having been a Last Blade 3 or a Mark of the Wolves 2. See the two screenshots below which clearly show a MotW character (Marco Rodriguez) fighting Mr. Karate (an Art of Fighting boss) with a beach-like background, neither of which were in the first MotW game!


Which game is the last to be found?Now ready to get really confused? Ok, so let's say that we accept all of the above theories. DRM is completely dropped, (or not as it does not really matter because Garou 2 is not really proven...those pics could be of an early beta, hidden program code like in the slug series, or some other logical explanation) It really makes no difference what ends up being NGM-158 (DRM, GAROU 2, LAST BLADE 3, SNK VERSUS CAPCOM beta, ETC.) Just as if an NGM-173 is found (being Samurai Shodown 5 Special FINAL EDITION) Because all that really matters now is fitting the games that we have found, and not finding games to fit holes! Anyhow, then let's say that in addition, QP & KNS are proven real (eventually) somewhere down the road and they are actually retained as well. At this point, granted, major re-shuffling would occur, but in the end we would be left with ONLY ONE empty position! An early position which of course would be rather difficult to find. Or not? Hmm...the key thing to remember in all this is HISTORY. ALWAYS, in EVERY scenario, what you know is as important if not more important then what you don't know. In this case, lets look at the past. Zupapa truly was (IS) the Rosetta Stone of the NGM game code list. Why? Because it is one of many titles (the longest actually) that sufferred a DELAY in its release. Who else is a member of this unique club?

NGM-014 Dream Over - a 1990 game released in 1992 as Mutation Nation - retains code

NGM-054 Blaster Blaze - a 1992 game released in 1995 as Crossed Swords 2 - retains code

NGM-070 Zupapa - a 1994 game released in 2001 - retains code

NGM-130 Crystal Legacy - a 1994 game released in 1996 as Breakers - new code

NGM-148 Bust A Move Again - a 1995 game released in 1999 as BaM EX - new code

NGM-169 SNK VERSUS CAPCOM - a 2000 game released in 2003 as SVC Chaos - new code

So, lets apply these PROVEN FACTS to our formula. Last Odyssey...ah ha... makes sense well as Karate Ninja Show...they are basically alot older then thought.

NGM-028 AND NGM-035 (Dunk Star and Mystic Wand get re-shuffled) and suddenly these two proto carts are right at home. LO, a Monolith title which would only fit next to other Monolith games. KNS, a genre of game that is consistant with Dream Over and TOTALLY INCONSISTANT with post circa 1992 NEO-GEO gaming. (rem that 1993 Sengoku 2 was delayed a year and was the last of that genre until Sengoku 3 in 2001)

Of course, I could be wrong too. Heh, I am tired. I am off to bed.