On August 31st, 2022 I posted the following to a French NEO-GEO webpage known as: This is a copy of the post for the historical record in case my post is ever censored or deleted. The words shown here are what I said. The responses, misquotes, misdirections, and false accusations which will surely follow are NOT my words. It took me several days of my time to write this article and to put all of this information together. And so I want this properly documented and permanently displayed here where none of it can ever be altered. Thank you.

I would like to begin by welcoming RoU to the NEOGEO community. There is absolutely no reason or justification for those who have mistreated and insulted him. Those of us who actually understand and appreciate the significance of acquiring information on the unreleased NEOGEO proto games are grateful to RoU for having come forward and sharing this knowledge with us. Thank you.

Now, with that said, I would now like to discuss a few things and ask a few questions. RoU: feel free to address and/or ignore any topic I bring up and feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you wish. It is entirely up to you. Because in reality, all of my KEY questions that I had for you have already been asked and answered by you in the previous forum. And again, I thank you for that. But while I do believe that everyone here will benefit from the content of this post, I know that your participation in it would make it even better. Thank you.

I have been keeping detailed records of NEOGEO protos since 1998. And my webpage has been online since 1999. During the passage of time, several people with neogeo rom files on emulators have come forward. You are not the first, and you likely won't be the last. I kept all of this information on hand and with you coming forward, I decided to compile it into a visual aid to assist with the discussion here. The discussion centers around the details of exactly who has come forward and when and with what. The comparissons are quite interesting and I will share them with you now. Thank you.


emulation sources

As you can see, there are several similarities among the various individuals who have come forward over the years with neogeo proto rom files on the emulators. It is also important to note, that a handful of neogeo protos have yet to be found anywhere on anyones emulators! Granted, there is still the possibility that these individuals have long since obtained additional files, and Magic Master is the best example of that. Because as you can see below, Xacrow provided us with these emulated pictures of Magic Master back in 2005. So anything is possible. Perhaps even you may have other rom files that you simply have not found or added yet to your list. But of course, for that, we can move to the questions that I would like to ask you. Thank you.

title screen gameplay


My first area of question is in regards to the subject of these rom files themselves. How did you come to acquire these files? Did you retrieve the data from your own physical cartridges that were lost to the Tsunami storm? Or did you acquire these files slowly over the passage of time? Or did you acquire them all at once or relatively quickly? Did they all come from the same person and if so, was that person an employee of SNK? Or were you part of some kind of club or group of individuals whose membership comes with the requirement of each member contributing 1 unique rom file for which the sacrifice is then rewarded by granting the new member access to all of the groups combined files? As you can see, there is no shortage of theories making the rounds among the public. Thank you.


Anyone who is well educated with this subject matter knows full well that all proto games are not equal. The generated interest and perceived value of one proto can vary greatly from another. As easy and obvious examples of this, the value of a rom file containing a minor change, (such as for example the 1994 and 2000 builds of Bang Busters or the 1994 and 2001 builds of Zupapa), is quite low. While in another example, a rom file with a major change, such as the 1994 Crystal Legacy versus the 1996 Breakers would be far more valuable and of far more interest.

And then within the parameters of the same subject, the value of an emulated rom file would certainly be less than that of an undumped/unemulated rom file. As their perceived values are quite clearly worlds apart. Any game rom file which has been dumped has in essence been safeguarded. The rom file is saved and is no longer in danger of being lost to the sands of time. Say as for an example the rom file for Ghostlop. Whereas any game rom file that remains undiscovered, such as say for example Pair Pair Wars, is far more elusive and valuable as it has yet to be found and may be lost forever.

When you were asked by someone about "selling" your rom files, you made the following statement: "...instead of money, I would like to see a proto game that I have never seen before. It may be possible to exchange ROM files between things that have not been seen..." This of course makes logical sense to anyone who is heavily involved in this niche area of video games. But it does not come without heavy criticism from those who are not. And I can tell you this from personal experience as I made the same statement years ago in an interview with a Spanish website and it was not well received.

I bring up these discussion points to prepare you for the second series of questions. As these questions are KEY to understanding exactly what, if anything, can be done in the future with not only your rom files, but with those of myself and everyone else; both known and unknown.


Since Xacrow was your friend, and since Xacrow had the Magic Master rom file, did you ever have the Magic Master rom file yourself? Did you ever play Magic Master? Do you have any interest in obtaining the Magic Master rom file (or any other particular neogeo rom file)? I am curious as to what kind of a value you would personally place on a neogeo rom file that you do not have and/or have not seen? Lastly, have you ever seen or known of any other collectors who may have Pair Pair Wars or Mystic Wand? Thank you.

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Rou stated that he did not get the protos he has from Xacrow. He said they have nothing to do with him. But we do know that Xacrow has had Magic Master since at least January of 2005. And although Rou did NOT have the Magic Master rom file in either of his two initial threads, coincidentally, a week later, and after my questions here, he posted a USA region title screeen for the game, as well as several other emulated screen shots and even an emulated video. So clearly, he has access to even more content than he initially showed us.

(btw, thanks to Rou, we finally identified the mystery rom or NeoRage file "Brick Flop" as merely a mispelling of the English localiation of Mahou Jouku / Magic Master, which is "Brick Block".)

REMAINING QUESTIONS: What was the relevance of September 5th, 2022? Why did Rou promote that date to be something significant? What, if anything, happened on that date? Why does Rou continue to disappear and reappear over and over again? And why does he avoid or disable any possible direct communication wherever he goes? Why can't he just communicate directly and tell us what his actual intentions are and for what purpose, if any, he is posting about these games?







ROU: Let's help eachother. If we work together then we can both benefit. You have proven that you have several of the unreleased NEOGEO proto games. So here is my proposal. Let us do a TRADE. We can work together and cooperate. I send you 1 of my games and you send me 1 of your games. We BOTH sacrifice and contribute 1 of our games by sending the files to an agreed upon and trusted central source, acting as an escrow for the trade to protect us both in the process. Once that entity receives and confirms the 2 games, they are both released simultaneously to the community.

It's time to set these rom files free. The NEOGEO fans have been waiting for a long time. Please consider. Thank you.

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