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I want your proto cart!

Fortune and Glory! Once you have completed the NEO-GEO MVS cartridge collection, which consists of 148 unique game cartridges, you then have no place left to go. Much like any other video game collection, it is "completed" and your interest will either dwindle down until it goes away, or if you are among the elite collectors of the world, it actually only just begins to take you over. As with any other video game system, the NEO-GEO had its share of games that were developed but never saw official mainstream release. Finding these lost treasures is of course always extremely difficult, but with regards to the NEO-GEO it is almost impossible. This is because the system and games were developed 100% in JAPAN and so the protos are scatterred about halfway across the globe. They are quite literally the hardest proto carts to find. But for those of us who long for these games, we refuse to acknowledge these odds, and we will not accept failure!

My quest for these gems began back in May of 1998. To give you an idea of just how difficult this challenge is, in 10 years I have managed to find ONE of the 16 lost protos! However, to make things a little bit more positive here, that cartridge was located in 2003. Thererfore, the TRUE "average" would actually be 1 cart for every 5 years IF I am able to locate one by 2008! This is of course my main objective. I have 1 more year to source another cartridge to maintain a 5 year standard. Yes, even 1 for every 5 years can seem unrewarding to most people, but truthfully, for the hardcore collectors such as myself, it is enough to temporarily quench the unending thirst.

This year (2007) I decided to move the Neo Geo Proto Page to a newer and better PERMANENT home! Over the last ten years, the website has moved twice. This will be the third and final move for the site. The first site was a "free" public website which had extremely limited bandwith and very limited webspace. It was outgrown very quickly. The second incarnation of this site was hosted on a much better server and under the assistance of a sub domain. I would like to state at this time that I am very thankfull to both of the individuals who generously donated there time, talent, and treasure with those previous sites. It would simply not have been possible for me to have managed without them. This time around, I have my own site under my own administration and direction. Also the name is finally direct, simple, and perfectly describes what this website was all about. I also hope to have AtariProtos.Com as a sister site and as a resource for assistance with this sites goals.

Alright so with all the introductions out of the way, let's get started with some of the work at hand. For starters, I do have plans to slowly but surely overhaul each and every section of the website. I have done this twice before during the previous moves, but this time it should be a little bit easier. It will be a slow process as I can only work on the site in my spare time, but eventually each section will be improved with more of what everyone wants from this site. More pics, more info, and more details then any other source in the world. This has all come about due to the relentless pursuit on my part to do constant research, pursue all leads, communicate in 6 languages, and to push the envelope further then anyone else would ever be willing to do. I will always do whatever it takes to reach our goal.