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1990 Picture of Luis discussing some matters
of interest Playing video games was not as much a part of Lous life as it was with Bills, but he did have his favorites as well. Herzog Zwei, Track & Field, Xevious, Castlevania, Phantasy Star, Zelda, and more. Movies always seemed to interest Lou more then games and the games that did hold his interest the most were long quest and adventure games. Lous character of choice in Street Fighter 2 was Ken and in World Heroes it was Fuuma. He holds some impressive gaming records such as having been the ONLY one of the group who completed Dragon's Lair 2, and did so with only ONE credit. Other accomplishments include being the first to beat "the plasmodial slime" in NES Mega Man, and the first to finish NES Metal Gear, NES Gun.Smoke, and Genesis Golden Axe!

Ah The Good Old Days...
1988 Picture of Lous and Bills with the game ending sequence of Contra

Circa 1988 through 1991 the NES was center stage with me and Luis. Among our favorite NES game paks were Contra, Pro Wrestling, Castlevania, Track & Field, and Ikari Warriors. We used to have some damn good patterns in Contra and we would regularly play it through with some very good cooperative game play. NES Contra kicked ass with amazing graphics and sound effects as well as a kicking soundtrack. The NES PCM (pulse code modulation) produced BGM that had real depth to it and enhanced gameplay immensely.

During the NES gaming era, we used to literally make VHS recordings of game endings so that we could show them off as proof of the accomplishment. Together we beat over 100 NES game paks with un-ending determination.