Introduction & Contribution Credits

Welcome to Billy Pitt's NEO•GEO "Proto-Page"! The first and most comprehensive source in the world for information, pictures, & screen shots of all the NEO•GEO prototype, unreleased, and unbelievably rare NEO•GEO cartridges! This site has been up & running online since 1999 and has been maintained soley by myself. I am a NEO•GEO gamer, collector, and enthusiast and I reside in the United States. This site has always been and continues to be freely provided for the NEO•GEO community as the main referance guide to the complete catalog of NEO•GEO game titles.

This website is a compilation of the unreleased/unknown cartridges for the NEO•GEO game system. It includes information and screen shots for almost every proto game. The website, most of it’s contents, and the idea to create and provide it, came from myself. However, I am also giving some additional credit & thanks to the following independent contributors who have assisted me over the years:

Chad Okada, Gabriel Pedroso, Vinh Trieu, Jeff Kurtz, Simone Damico, Larry Bassin, Shawn Mcklesky, John Thacker, Robert Waddell, Phil Kinney, LFO from, Avedis Boyajian, Gualtiero Cannarsi, Xacrow, RoU, and Internet resources in general

Enjoy the website, and feel free to check back every so often for future updates. Keep in mind however that my spare time is very limited and so I am rarely able to update the site.

October 1990 -- SNK releases NEO•GEO MVS cartridge number 1. (NGM-001)

July 2004 -- SNK releases NEO•GEO MVS cartridge number 172. (NGM-272)

Samurai Shodown 5 Special has been designated by SNK/NEOGEO Corporation as the NEO•GEO's FINAL software release. The game's product code number is 272, which translates to the 172nd NEO-GEO software product. The NEO-GEO's 14 year long record run as the longest officially supported home system of all time has finally come to an end. NEO•GEO -- Gone but not forgotten.

Site Goals

My slogan is: Help ME to help US. Here are the MAIN GOALS of the site.

  1. Discover the actual names of the 18 un-released/missing games.
  2. Get screenshots, info, and the pre-assigned ngh numbers for the 18 games.
  3. Acquire the actual games themselves AND make them available to everyone.

Every single piece of neo-geo software or "product" was assigned a number. The first release, Nam-75, was assigned: NGH-001. The last release, Samurai Shodown Special, was assigned: NGH-172 (the hundredth numeral was altered from a 1 to a 2 since #100, but this does not matter)

So with this numbering system, we know that 172 numbers were assigned to software "products" released by SNK. Therefore we know that there are 172 positions to fill. 146 MVS releases and 8 CD "exclusive" releases fills the 154 total positions found. Thus, leaving us with the 18 empty positions of unknown products.

If you have any information whatsoever that can help contribute and/or correct this compilation, then please contact me as soon as possible. Help ME to help US. Please remember that my help is always "carefully" given. Sometimes I need to hold back certain details about some of the ongoing developments. In the end however, this will all be justified, explained, and understood. We have two very basic and simple philosophical beliefs. The first is that a proto owner is either part of the solution or part of the problem. The second is that the end justifies the means. We WILL do anything that can be done in order to achieve our goal, REGARDLESS of the resulting collateral damage and/or personal consequence sufferred by us or anyone else involved in the process.

August 6, 2003
"Pitt, get up from behind your keyboard and get out more often. There is more to life than the pieces of plastic, pcb's and chips that seem to control your life." -- Ray Young --