The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!
Prototype Cartridge

Locked Away Until Today! Disclaimer:
The following article was written solely for the purpose of entertainment. Although it is accurate and factual in its content, it does not allow for those mentioned in the article to defend themselves. However, I have assumed the absence of an honest, cooperative and timely response from those individuals to be interpreted as their official statements. In each and every case, the individuals have had months if not years to corroborate their claims with proof yet they have failed to do so. Therefore, until they are able to provide evidence which proves otherwise, their claims are considered to be false.

In 1998 I began my initial interest with NEO-GEO protos. I had already acquired a few protos for several other game systems such as Atari, Coleco, and Nintendo but since NEO-GEO games were primarily developed and tested overseas in Japan, finding protos for the system was and is extremely difficult. The first one that was brought to my attention was Fun Fun Brothers. I soon found out that someone actually had the game in their collection and I pursued the lead.

Times have changed. With the introduction of NEO-GEO.COM the flood gates opened. The problem is that only about 10% of the claims made since that time have turned out to be of any use.

To date the only 100% CONFIRMED proto to have ever been found is GHOSTLOP. Also, not only has the game been found but it has been safely dumped and made freely available to everyone. This due to the fact that it remains the only proto so-far for which I personally had/have complete control over.

Throughout the years I have received several tips and leads through my website, email, and other venues regarding NEO-GEO protos. I decided to go ahead and document the three most infamous ones.

USA / Dion Dakis & Chis Ray

This dynamic duo made several claims throughout the years. Not a single one of them was ever proven. The only REAL thing that ever came from their camp was actual video footage for some of the proto games. In August of 2002, NGF announced their intention to make available their proto games at the CGE (Classic Gaming Expo) Then when the show arrived, they reneged on their promise. To this day, NGF has yet to provide any solid proof for any protos that they lay claims to having. Until they do, the unconfirmed claims will not be substantiated on this site.

CANADA / Ray Young

In April of 2002, Mr. Ray Young allegedly acquired a couple of proto games. He also stated that he was allegedly working on some CD to CART conversions. He did provide screenshots for the latter, but never for the former. In fact, Ray was completely un-cooperative, and either unable or unwilling to provide the neogeo community with so much as even one screenshot as proof. Without any supporting evidence, the statements are now considered false.

JAPAN / Xacrow

In January of 2005, a fellow by the name of Xacrow, who is a member of the MAME emulation community, released emulated screenshots for several protos. Unlike all of the others before him, he at the very least proved to be in possesion of, or have access to these games with actual pics as proof. The problem is that communication with him has been far WORSE than any of the others before him. They all at least responded to questions and emails but Xacrow himself cannot be reached. His cooperation is tepid.



Mickey Mantle - $32,000.00
Pictures are Proof


Well that's it! Next time someone shows up laying claims to having this or that go ahead and link them to this article so they can take a number and stand in line! As I mentioned in another article that I wrote for SNK-CAPCOM.COM: "Excuses mean NOTHING. It's the year 2005. Any moron can buy a digital camera for $30 at Wal-Mart. Any moron who has a computer can download a free copy of neo rage and the universal bios. Therefore, a claimers inability to provide a picture, a particular screenshot, or even a game code number is INEXCUSEABLE. It takes seconds of their time and it requires no investment."

A seller wouldn't try to sell a Mickey Mantle Baseball Card without providing a picture! And, a buyer certainly wouldn't buy one without a picture either! Use your head and think about it. Usually if something sounds to good to be true, it's because it usually is.