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We regret to inform everyone that scheduling conflicts and attendance issues have caused the event to be postponed indefinitely.

Pro Night 3 - November 5, 2005!

Old School Gaming! Welcome Old School Gamers!
This is the official website for Pro Night 3. Scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida on Saturday November 5, 2005! If you are unfamiliar with what Pro Night is, then please hit the back button on your browser and click on the "What is Pronight?" banner. This years tournament is going to be bigger and better then ever before! Scroll down and check out all the highlights below. As the event comes closer, more detailed information will be posted on this official website. As with both of the previous events, I will be hosting it and I can be contacted via email with any questions or comments. My name is Billy Pitt and I can be reached at:


Get over here!!! Mortal Kombat 2
Yeap, hands down MK2 is considered to be the BEST MK of them all. It also happens to be my personal favorite game of all time. Perfection in the form of the number 10 was achieved when Ed Boon and John Tobias created this masterpiece! Jason Wilson was the champion in 1995 and 2000. He is also favored to be the champ this year as well. But one thing is certain, win or lose, MK2 will get the best of you! Don't forget to view the MK2 combo video provided on the main website.

Sonic Boom!!! Street Fighter 2
Alright this is the one that started it all. Street Fighter 2 single handedly revived a dying arcade industry. The biggest boom since Pac-Man in 1980, Street Fighter 2 brought back the heavy cash boxes to the operators in the early nineties. The SF2 Hyper Fighting version is the one which will be featured on Pro Night 2005.

Ultra Combo!!! Killer Instinct
First shown at the 1994 AMOA show, Killer Instinct remains to this day untouchable. It has amazing graphics and sounds. It was ahead of its time then and so it still looks great today. Rare Coin-It is one of the best manufacturers of video games and when they teamed up with Midway in 1994 they created an amazing game which contained more secrets then anyone could have dreamed of. An equally impressive sequel later followed and rumors have surrounded a third and final chapter for over a decade. Either way, we can't wait to see some amazing combo action in this title on Pro Night!

Possible Side Show Games

The Distance??? Track & Field
Ranked 2nd in the world with a score of 93,240 Jason may just get his chance to finally grab that first place position. However, my personal best score of all time is right behind him at 90,620 so this ones gonna be close!

The Best of the Best R-Type
Considered to be the greatest shooter of all time, Irem's R-TYPE is a side scrolling tour de force which offers up some amazing visuals, kick ass background music, and demands lightning reflexes, especially in the last levels. Again, Jason holds FIRST PLACE with a score of 521,840. Nobody is expected to beat that score, including Jason himself, but we just want to see some great gameplay!

So what's up?
Yes, that's me!

Pro Night 3 - Do It!

Well this is only a sample of what we will have available for Pro Night 2005. Ultimate MK3 and some other Street Fighter chapters are sure to be added soon. Keep checking this website for more updates.We hope to have a great tournament this year and we look forward to seeing some great competition! See you there!

This website was last updated on Saturday November 12, 2005.
The tournament was scheduled for Saturday November 5, 2005.
Days remaining until 2006 arrives: 49 days.