ATTENTION!!! If you are viewing this page PLEASE be advised that it is still under HEAVY construction and it is not yet officially open!!!


WARNING: If you are unwilling to respect my rules and regulations which will be enforced for the event, then simply do not come to the event!

What is Pro Night?

Pro Night is THE signature tournament among South Florida's Old School Gamers. It is so unique, that it only takes place once every 5 years! Our country elects presidents more often then that! The tournament is STRICTLY limited to the category of "Old School ARCADE fighting games". The tournament has NO ENTRY FEES & NO HIDDEN COSTS. You can literally show up FLAT BROKE if you like without even a penny in your pocket! However, there are also NO REAL PRIZES! We will be handing out some t-shirts to the winners as well as some other small prizes but there are no "trophies" or "cash prizes" for placing first, second, or third.

When and Where does the event take place and how long does it last?

November 5, 2005 is the proposed date of the event. It is a SATURDAY NIGHT. You may arrive any time after 7:30 PM. During this preliminary time, you may play practice games or simply play some of the filler machines. The actual tournament will start at 9:00PM and will most likely run until about 2:00 AM It all depends on how many people show up. Obviously if the number is low, we will have triple elimination tourneys while if the number is high we will have single elimination tourneys. The event takes place in my house, more specifically my garage and driveway. It is NOT a house party to come and crash with alchohol and cigarettes! You must be dressed decently and behave responsibly!

Who is invited and how many people will actually be there?

Technically, everybody is invited, however, realistically nobody has been invited yet! In order to participate in the tourney, you must first answer YES to all of the questions below. Second, you then need to email me with your information. Name, Date of Birth, and Location. I don't care if your black or white. I don't care if your male or female. I don't care if your gay or straight. etc. What I DO care about is that you are a DECENT and HONEST person and that you are good at the games we will be playing. It is merely a screening process. For example, if you live in Alaska and you plan to fly all the way to Florida to play Marvel Versus Capcom then your wasting your time and money and I want to prevent that!

In order to be "invited" you must answer yes to the following questions:

1) Are you 25 years of age or older?
If you are not then that means you were not even a teenager when Street Fighter 2 was mainstream in 1992. This means you are NOT an old school gamer!

2) Are you able to arrange your own transportation and accomodations (if needed) to and from the event?
If you are not then you are not mature enough to be a part of the event. Your too young and immature and we don't want you here!

3) Do you posses SKILLS (are you a good player) in the ARCADE versions of Street Fighter 2 & Mortal Kombat 2?
If you do not, then you will serve as nothing more then a punching bag to the others in the tourney and so we don't want you wasting our time.

...Keep in mind...if your skills are in the Super NES, Genesis, or any other translations of the genuine arcade version then NO it is NOT the same thing!

What are the RULES and REGULATIONS?

I want everyone who comes to have a great time. But if anyone breaks any of these rules, they will be disqualified from the tournament and they will be asked to leave immediately.

This is an ARCADE tournament with ARCADE machines and controls. We don't play with cartridges, cd's, control pads, etc. Don't bring any of this crap because we won't use it! The ONLY item you need to bring is yourself.

Once the tournament officially starts at 9:00PM, ALL of the other machines will be turned off! We don't care if your on the last boss or about to score a world record, your game WILL BE SHUT OFF, PERIOD, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Once you have been eliminated we don't want you walking around bored or bothering the other guests who are still playing. Either suck it up and wait until the current tourney ends and the next tourney begins, or GO HOME and leave us alone!

4) NO DRAMA!!!
Don't show up without "permission" from your wife! We don't need you on your cell phone all night telling her how sorry you are for not being there with her. Leave your personal life at the door. We are here to play games, not deal with reality!

I am an arcade route owner & operator. I have been in the arcade business since 1992 and I KNOW when a joystick or button is not working properly. The day before the tournament, the two competition games will have BRAN NEW SEALED IN THE BAG joysticks and buttons installed. All of the INPUT & GROUND wiring will be checked, double-checked, and re-checked. The games will be 100% flawless and operational. So if you lose, it is because YOU lost and NOT because "oh, yeah bro, this joystick sucks".