Neo Bomberman with 4 player gameplay!
Hudson Soft hit big with this very popular team play battle game which saw release across most home console systems. One of the biggest elements of gameplay which drew the attention of players was the multi-player feature which allowed for players to play cooperatively and/or competitively. The Neo Geo version was apparently at one point along its design intended to incorporate a 4 player function via the MULTI-LINK capability. Although that version never seemed to come to light, some remnance of its existance can still be found throughout parts of the game. (see composite screenshots below) Neo Bomberman also holds the distinction of being one of only 8 NEO-GEO games which did not utilize the memory card feature. Furthermore, it seems to have been intended to be marketed exclusively to Spain for its European market area because it boots up in a default of the Spanish language on a European system.

Four player melee! Player 3 wins!