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1994 Picture of Danny enjoying a beer as he
hangs out with friends

I met Danny through Gabe back in 1987 or so. At the time I was purchasing old Atari and Coleco cartridges from Gabe amd he introduced me to Danny as another source that might have some I needed. I purchased an Atari 2600 G.I. Joe cartridge from Danny fro about $3 and that was how we met.

Danny's golden era of video games was really the NES. Danny was a member of the Nintendo Fun Club and he must have been brainwashed by the game ads in the magazine because he always seemed to buy the absolute crappyest game paks. Athena, Alpha Mission, Dragon Power, etc. Luckily he did pick up a few good ones such as Ice Hockey which was always best enjoyed with the NES MAX joypad.

Playing games at Danny's house was a major pain in the neck. And I mean that LITERALLY! Danny's television was on top of an armoir where it almost touched the ceiling! Looking up high while laying down on the floor and leaning your neck against the side of his bed would cause serious neck pain after an hour or so.

The only game pak I ever borrowed from Danny was his Tiger Heli. I lent him my Star Force which was a better game, but they were both good shooters. In just the short time I had Tiger Heli, I managed to find my first NES "Easter Egg". I found a hidden continue feature. When I told Danny about it as I returned the game to him he was amazed.

Danny was also very good at Track & Field and he also got heavily into Sega Master System Phantasy Star with me and Lous. All 3 of us worked hard on that game, making maps, building characters, and raising levels. We really enjoyed those Saturdays.