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Finally, after 26 years of patiently waiting, we have been granted full access and exclusive rights to publish the complete SuperGun story! So stay tuned, for some incredible and historic first hand accounts covering the span of time leading up to the neogeo/supergun era, encompassing the Friday Night Presentation era, and ending with the post Miami era.

So get the popcorn ready!

Heres a tiny snippet, as an exclusive sneak preview, just to whet your appetite:

April 19th, 1991

It was on this Friday, that I finally obtained the Japan exclusive Famicom Gradius 2 cartridge and the American NES adapter. Alex went with me that day to New Focus, the only local import video game store in Miami, to pick it up. I had ordered in a few weeks before from Japan. On our way back to my house, we were talking about our current crushes. Mine was a girl I had met in class. Her name was Luly. Alex's was a girl he met from his years of swimming. Her name was Missy. We stopped at the swimming pool complex at Miami Dade College. She was there doing her practice & training laps. Alex spoke with her briefly, I waved hello from a distance, and then we left.

Later that evening, I had finished preparing a letter and a mix tape to give to Luly. Alex and I then did a midnight run, and he drove me over to her house so I could leave the items for her on her car for her to find the next day. Even though I had created and labeled the mix tape by hand, I painstakingly made a perfect copy / replica of it, for myself to keep as a point of referance so that I would always know exactly what I gave her. And thanks to my archival tendencies, I still have it to this day.

I ended up actually creating a second mix tape for her a few months later. And I still have a copy of that one as well. But despite taking several classes with her at Miami Dade, and having weekly phone conversations, the relationship never reached a meaningful level. And since she was a year older then me, she completed her courses there before I did, and she transferred to UCF. So sadly, I never told her how I felt about her, and I never saw her again.

Ironically, I ended up moving to the central florida area in June of 2000, where I still live today with my family. Upon completing her college education, she moved back to South Florida, where she lives and works today.


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