Als Page Last Updated on April 25, 2006

So, Alex Vazquez wants to play on his television?

Meet the very mysterious and elusive Alex Vazquez. In less then 2 months, he will become the last man standing among the group. Among his favorite games of all time are Super Mario Brothers 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, R-Type, Pulstar, and absolutely anything Castlevania related. Alright Alex, so your fed up with crappy computer emulation and you want to enjoy playing NEO-GEO Pulstar from the comfort of your couch on your television. You have several options as to how you can do this. I will take the time to list them here so that you can make your decision as to which one works best for you and then I will put the plan in motion and get it all together.

Below you will find 4 different set ups. They all have plusses and minuses. The key is to find the one that works best for your particular situation. Taking of course into consideration which of those particulars matters most to you and which matter least.

My time, my skills, and my labor are free of charge to my friends. Most misc. parts will also be free of charge. However, the key components will need to be paid for by yourself. Please keep that in mind. If/when the project is completed, payment must be made in full or the item will not be sold.

Coming soon, we will have a special article about why is the greatest action/adventure game of them all!


$200 + $650 + $50 = $900


$200 + $300 + $50 + $50 = $600


$100 + $100 + $50 + $50 = $300